There is no alternative to supporting Trump in November, and if Trump fails to win, there is no limit to the scale of horror imaginable.

Beginning with the militia violence which marked the weekend of Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, when the first Antifa cells were activated in American cities, the last four years have seen the gradual revelation of a political reality, which until Trump’s electoral victory had remained effectively concealed.

From the political surveillance of the Trump campaign, with the full awareness of the Obama administration and the American intelligence community, to the cynical fabrication of the Russia investigation, the strange case of Jeffrey Epstein, the murder of hundreds of people in Las Vegas, still without any explanation, the trial of Julian Assange in London, increasing censorship on social media of undisputed facts and mainstream views, coupled with increasingly radical propagandistic editorializing from mainstream media, and now the theatre of a global lockdown, what today is clear is that an insurgent globalist American political-cultural-military-intelligence-DNC-media-technology complex is a criminal conspiracy, and an incipient totalitarian regime.


For the last four years, the tentacles of this composite system of power has attacked Trump relentlessly on the thinnest of pretexts by defaming him as a racist, a fascist, a white supremacist, a misogynist, a puppet of Russia, dishonest, incompetent, and antisemitic, etc, despite his Jewish grandchildren, while expanding the tactic of “no-platforming” in order to censor views and repress speakers that oppose its main priorities.

Positions that today one is discouraged from expressing in polite liberal society, on penalty of punitive retaliation, includes criticism of BLM, the doctrine of systemic racism, or the doctrine of white privilege, or criticism of contemporary pharmaco-pornographic production, criticism of Antifa, criticism of transgender activism, belief in biological essentialism, defense of freedom of expression, criticism of mass immigration, criticism of globalization, and support for the elected President. Today even the speech of Trump himself is being censored.

What effectively is disincentivized is intellectual criticism, which has been replaced by hysterical condemnation, directed towards repressing and deranging thought in order to prevent it grasping the reality of global power. The result has been to exhaust the meaning of Leftist ideology, which is the vector of repression, in the eyes of every thinking individual, and to expose the complicity of the global left with the priorities of the global corporate oligarchy.

In reality BLM is not a radical Marxist group concerned with social justice but a corporate front, which enjoys well-documented financial support from the Open Society Foundation, the CIA-connected Ford Foundation, and groups linked to Warren Buffet. Meanwhile, Soros-backed groups have poured millions of dollars into electing radical District Attorneys like Chesa Boudin in San Francisco, the son of Weathermen Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, both convicted murderers, and Mike Schmidt, who has been declining to prosecute Antifa and BLM rioters in Portland.

In the last four years, Silicon Valley tech companies have channelled millions in political contributions to Democrats and even more in sinecures to Democratic Party politicians, as Democratic Party apparatchiks take key roles censoring social media of Conservatives voices, while subsidizing the militant far Left. The American corporate media, led by the Bezos-owned, and CIA-controlled Washington Post runs Antifa apologetics from Antifa propagandist Mark Bray as the New York Times celebrates the Bolshevik Revolution, and launches the 1619 Project, with the aim of rewriting American history as a demoralising history of crime, sponsored by Shell. Meanwhile the American military-industrial complex stonewalls calls from Trump to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, and generals issue calls for his removal, as the global culture industry protests his policies and blacklists his supporters.


The Democratic Party is the vehicle of the global oligarchy in USA, with the purpose of organizing an interconnected spiderweb of networked organs, individuals, families, corporations, intelligence agencies, and above all, foundations, the Cardinals of the globalist curia, which maintain de facto transnational control over a global Empire. Their key priority? Weakening the power of the American nation, as well as other nations, and above all, recovering political control over the imperial attack dog: the US military.

Positioned in a warzone between different factions, engaged in complex coordination and competition with each other, foundations are vectors of strategic influence, moving money, and issuing directives to agents in key positions, whether national politicians, journalists, or well-positioned scientific experts, financed and credentialed for their willingness to say exactly what their backers want.

The novelty of the new pandemic never consisted of a pathogen barely more dangerous than the flu, but the atmosphere of global panic spread across the world by an electronic media determined to spread panic, now transformed into the tunnel vision of scientists and politicians either determined not to take responsibility for their mistakes, or intent on profiting from the situation. Irrespective of any question of a Machiavellian mastermind, what is obvious is the reality of dysfunctional Western political and social structures defined by a hypertrophied cynicism, self-interest and cowardice, climbing through global social and political layers to select for a government of empty rhetoric, psychological flaws and bad faith.

After decades of intellectual and ethical degeneration, political structures promoting yes men and sycophants, who owe their positions to always telling the person in a position to promote them what they want to hear, has produced a political class that no longer know how to think in terms of the Good, but only in terms of their self-interest and survival.

In Britain one observes with Johnson the failure of an irresponsible, ambitious man who experienced the tragedy of getting what he wanted, and was broken by it, repeating now a mixture of cliches and mantras, as he receives his daily messaging and numbers from someone listed on his phone as DOM, and alienates his own authority to an unelected group of experts offering to take responsibility for his decisions. In Spain, the rat-like Pablo Iglesias and the narcissistic Pedro Sanchez plot to consolidate party political power at the expense of their nation, and in the United States, Democrat Governors led by Andrew Cuomo in New York City send infected patients into nursing homes and eagerly lockdown their states. Everywhere, the success of Sweden remains ignored, along with the evidence that the disease can be effectively and cheaply treated, and the evidence of the casualties caused by lockdown itself, and the evidence that masks aren’t effective, coupled with increasing censorship of dissenting medical opinion, including from some of the most prominent scientists in the world…

In the immediate aftermath of the outbreak of the virus, geopolitical questions were posed concerning China, and the influence exercised by China over the World Health Organization and its director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian politician with no medical training and a record of involvement in corruption and atrocities in his home country. Evidence compiled by Tablet suggests significant Chinese involvement in promoting lockdown policies in Italy, which set-off lockdown dominoes across the West, as politicians began competing with each other in dominance displays: that spectacle continues to this day. Later, attention focussed on Bill Gates, without question the most powerful single individual in global health, and the role of the Gates Foundation, patron of the WHO, patron of John Hopkins University, patron of Neil Ferguson and Chris Whitty, and the patron of the Guardian, the aggressive promoter of the lockdown agenda, which now smears Martin Kulldorff, according to the standard tactics.

These operations, too, must be seen in psychological as opposed to purely rational terms. There is a tendency to assume that the planetary elite, although venal and malevolent, are nevertheless realistic, to the point of understanding power is just power, and ideology a pure device for making tools, but as Arendt observes of nineteenth century imperialism, the self-defeating forerunner to contemporary globalization, pursuing power purely for expanding power is no more realistic than any other ideology, if not much less.

Power, considered as an aim, knows no natural limits, no conception of authority, and no purpose. “This process of never-ending accumulation of power necessary for the protection of never-ending accumulation of capital determined the “progressive” ideology of the late nineteenth century,” remarks Arendt. Nothing has changed. What is at stake is the production of a smokescreen for channeling and concealing forces, in the first place from oneself, to function as their unconscious and unthinking agent. Gates has no more spiritual attainment than his slaves.


“What does the ruling class gain from destroying its own cities?” asks Michael Anton. “I’ve asked myself this a thousand times. I can’t come up with an answer. Is it that they want all this to happen or that they lack the will or ability to stop it?” Why are elected politicians all across the world strangling their nations with needless and destructive lockdowns, already demonstrated to be needless by the case of Sweden, as well as other countries? Because, in their lust for power, they have enthralled themselves.

The calculations are composed instinctively, rather than cynically, and importantly, does not oppose the Right as such, which does not exist, but intentionality in general. What the Left imagines as the Right is everything with will, or intellectual coherence, and what the Right imagines as the Left is really automated thoughtlessness and pure derangement. Hence the blue collar left, which still believes in principles, now is Right-aligned and ideologically repressed, and anti-lockdown protesters are targeted, while BLM rioters are encouraged, because BLM possess no project, except for instigating racial conflict, suspicion, and confusion: divide et impera.

The increasingly pejorative use of the term conspiracy theory, as recently demonstrated by the BBC coverage of the anti-lockdown protests in London, falls into the same category. Today the term is associated with Nazism, the most pejorative term in the contemporary playbook in order to warn anybody off from the project of attempting to connect the dots, as if there was any greater need, even acknowledging potentially misleading tendencies towards unwarranted totalization. Thus QAnon imagines a group of international Satanist pedophiles pulling the strings of the whole enterprise. Whether true or false empirically, the conception concentrates into a compelling myth the banality of evil of global postmodernity: a casually abusive relation to children, a Luciferian relation to matter, and a nihilistic relation to life, which is why it is effective propaganda.

What constitutes the Left today is the delusional battering ram of nihilistic and sadistic chaos; the mirror of a juvenile, blackpilled, spineless Right, in fact the last stop on the Left. Whoever is encouraging, inspiring, elevating, authentic, and illuminating is a friend, whoever is demoralising, depressing, and degrading is an enemy.

Let the dead bury the dead. Beyond purely political conceptualisations, which are inevitably misleading, this conflict fundamentally is spiritual, divided by an opposition between a singular pariah, as represented by Trump himself, and a systematic enemy, the global Left, the deep state, or Cabal. The same dynamic recurs on every plane of political and psychological analysis, in the gap between emotional appeals and ad hominem attacks and attempts towards victory and understanding.

Trump is conceived as the candidate of “deplorables” asserted to share his “toxic” views and unappealing qualities, whereas Biden is recognized correctly as the candidate of structural corruption. In this split, one can already observe Trump represents the human party, even if bad humans, or even subhumans, whereas Biden is the avatar of forces which are not entirely human, but composed of abstractions or categories. Even for their critics the corruption of Clinton and Biden and others is never seen as purely greed, in the sense of garrulous desire for wealth, but remains inexplicable and impersonal. What they want isn’t clear, exactly, or even if they know themselves, hence the fantasies of Sadaean evil in order to salvage an idea of intentionality, from a more terrifying reality of automation.

The banality of evil generates an imaginary analogue in the form of the diabolical evil of an outlandish conspiracy. In truth, this conspiracy is everywhere at once. Through an absence of reflection, and therefore self-understanding, one is led to entertain the fantasy the enemy is external, that moral weakness is confined exclusively to our opponents, or to certain natural categories of human beings, and that the major threat is bad ideas instead of zero thought. In this way we led by vanity into being used.

Over the last four years, Trump, with his inherent vitality, his independent sense of judgement, his take no prisoners attitude, his genuine love of America, his courage, his humor, his commitment to peace, his daring, and even through his human flaws has presented a real alternative, and demonstrated outstanding leadership.

Totalitarian regimes, which rely upon defection and depression, and derangement, and self-interest, are not overthrown through military strength, but resolve and moral force, at which point they crumble quickly. Trump is an example.

Two points in particular are worth repeating to anybody still in doubt. First, unlike any President since Ford, Trump hasn’t started any wars. Second, equally unusually, Trump has gained no personal benefit from becoming President. The easier path for him would have been to enjoy his leisure in Trump Tower. He choose instead to put his own life on the line for the sake of an idea, like Gary Cooper in High Noon. Over the next four years, he’ll lead a renaissance of the American people, and in centuries to come, he’ll be recognized as the greatest statesman of his age.